• Reproduction 6V Headlight Twin Filament Bulb suitable for use with Dax 6V ST70, Chaly 6V CF70, Z50A


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    Ex VAT: £4.20

  • Description

    • 6V / 25W / 25W
    • Compatible with ST70/CF70 (UK models) retaining the original head light assembly with side light
    • Compatible with Z50A (Swedish & German models)
    • Bulb case approximate diameter: 20mm
    • Tabs up from bottom contacts approximate: 15mm
    • Bulb approximate overall length: 65mm

    Please note this bulb is a replacement part for the original head light assembly, if your bike has had the head light assembly changed it is possible this bulb will not be compatible. Please check your old bulb with the details above, if you are still uncertain please contact us before ordering.

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