• Takegawa Power Air Filter suitable for use with MSX125 GROM (2013-2020)


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  • Description

    It improves suction efficiency by replacing it with a standard air filter, and It is possible to increase the output over the entire range from low rotation to high rotation even when mounting on the standard engine.
    It can reduce the inhalation noise, and also it correspond to the weather resistance such as rainy weather in to use to use the standard air cleaner box.
    It contains 2-types of fine sponge elements with a coarse grain in the power filter. It is possible to change the sponge element according to the intended use.
    It improves the inhalation effect by using together with the SP TAKEGAWA large bore air duct.
    [With regards to the setting in case of mounting the power filter a large diameter air duct]
    It does not require installation together with the FI CON 2 (Injection Controller) in case of using to STD Engine.
    It is usable without changing the setting of the basic adjustment in case of using SP TAKEGAWA e Stage, S Stage, Super Head 4V +R Bore Up Kit

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