• Yuasa 6N2A-2C 6V Battery (Acid not included) suitable for use with Z50J1, Dax 6V


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    **International and non-mainland UK delivery; unfortunately we can no longer send batteries outside of mainland UK. Please understand if you accidentally order a battery to a non-mainland UK address we will have no choice but to refund your purchase**

    • Width: 47 mm
    • Height: 106 mm
    • Length: 70 mm
    • Voltage: 6 volts

    This is a genuine Yuasa battery and looks very similar to batteries originally supplied with the Honda Dax 6V as new. This battery is supplied dry with no battery acid pack.

    Please note: This battery should never be fitted on it's side. It is only suitable for vertical fitment

    • Most problems with batteries today are due to improper initial activation
    • Newly activated batteries should ALWAYS be CHARGED before you install them into any motorcycle, otherwise they will lose at least 20% of their capacity
    • This will definitely result in a much shorter service life or other battery problems
    • Fill the battery to the indicated level
    • Charge the battery for three to five hours at the current equivalent of 1/10 of its rated capacity to get a full charge.
    • Failure caused by incorrect activation or charging is NOT a warranty issue

    Further research by GS-Yuasa shows that 95% of alleged problems occurring with batteries that have been in service for more than a couple of months and have been left standing without charge are caused by SULFATION. This is a condition where a crystal like material forms on the lead plates. When this chemical reaction happens, it is impossible to restore a full charge and the battery has to be replaced. This is NOT caused by a faulty battery, it is a fault with maintenance. Please ensure batteries are kept charged on a suitable charger when not in use.

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