• (HJM) Hap Jones Victor Mini-Bike - Honda Z50M Clone


    So rare you've probably never heard of it, the Victor Mini-Bike a near direct clone of the Honda Z50M. The bike was made by Hap Jones for the American market in the late 1960's. Instead of using off the shelf Honda parts Hap Jones manufactured many of the parts themselves to a very faithful standard of the original Z50M parts, they even branded some of the parts with the 'Victor' name (see photos below). The bike was fitted with genuine Honda C100 engines, later revisions of the Victor had generic 2-stroke engines and lawn mower engines installed.

    Reliable information of the Victors history is scarce and the bikes even more so, many of the Victors were destroyed by poor maintenance or mis-use. The example you see in the photographs is original and unrestored.

    If you have any original Hap Jones spare parts for the Victor please get in contact with us.



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